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    Ceri’s first international success came in the form of a story that grew out of rabbit, called Counting to Ten. It won the Global Short Stories first place for the month of September and then won the 2012 overall award for the year. She followed this up with winning the Story Star Publishing Award for 2012 with The Man who Walked Through Windows.

    Since then, four short stories (500 Words for Snow, The Baby Who Came to Stay, The Man on the Night Train From Krakow and Looking for Amber) have been published in Writers’ Forum Magazine.

    The Spit and Swear Promise, shortlisted for the Rubery International Award was published in the collection ‘One the Bench’ available from Amazon.com by clicking here.

    The Incident on the Number Thirty Six was published by the Exeter Short Story Award online, having come third in their annual competition.

    Prole Magazine also recently published the short story Scotch and Sundays in their April edition.

    Ceri is currently working on consolidating these – and a number of unpublished stories – in a collection based on childhood recollection called The Start of Things due to be released in late 2014.

    Some other shortlistings…

    The Idea of Zombies (Multi Story Summer competition, Long Listed)
    The Boy from Rainbow Cottage (Inscribe Media, Shortlisted)
    The Family Glue (Ilkley Literature Festival, Short Listed)
    Breathe In, Breathe Out (Writer’s Forum, Shortlisted)
    Some Facts about Your Father (Writer’s Forum, Shortlisted)
    Scotch & Sundays (Rubery Short Story award, Long Listed)
    After the Fire (Bristol Short Story Award, Long Listed)
    Freedom, North Carolina (Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook 2013 Prize, Short Listed)


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