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Paradigm: What if the end was just the beginning?

That’s the working tagline of the book, by the way, not just me trying to make a point. So, last night I finished (what I hope) is the last round of structural edits. I introduced a new character, fundamentally changed an existing one and altered the ending. Like you do. But now, finally, I think […]

30 x 30 Challenge

Who are you? That question is pretty easy to answer – I could say my name, that I am a writer, a friend, a partner etc. I define myself by what I know myself to be, and what I know myself not to be. And what I know is that I’m no athlete. I mean, […]

The Next Chapter

On A-Level results day I always get a bit twitchy – partly because that day for me, twenty years ago is emblazoned on my mind and partly because every year that passes reminds me of how quickly time moves. How summer is almost etched into the past because September is almost here and how choices that get made on days like […]

The Idea of Zombies

In terms of writing, the month of May has been pretty interesting, busy and filled with ups and sideways-es. The title of the blog comes from a point I’ve been debating around a couple of short stories that I have had doing the rounds for some time now and have not managed to get any […]

This is Just the Start of Things

After almost a month of not writing a blog post it’s difficult to know where to begin, but maybe I’ll start at the end as it’s just as good a place to start unless you’re a die-hard Julie Andrews fan. We just got back from the Isle of Skye for K’s birthday– what a totally […]

We are the 63%

It’s been almost two weeks since I wrote a blog.  The world didn’t fall apart and there were plenty of other things to read, what with that crime commissioner kid, Thatcher and North Korea kicking off. Not that Thatcher kicked off; she just, well, kicked the bucket. One of the most shocking things about that was […]

Twelve months in the life of a wannabe pyromaniac

As it’s the last day of March, I thought it would be fitting to write a short round up of the year. It’s been twelve months exactly since I have been writing semi-professionally and by that I mean writing for market and submitting to various competitions etc. and getting paid as well as working on the […]

I’m all out of faith…

For those that remember, these are the opening words to the chorus of the epic anthem ‘Torn’ by Natalie Imbruglia. I’ve always wanted to reference her in some way and now I have. My life’s work is, in some small way, now complete. But torn indeed I am. I am 150 words away from what my spreadsheet […]
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